About Us

Laboratorios Averroes. Agua Sulfurada. Quienes somos?

Dr. Juan Ramón Pina, Medical Director of Laboratorios Averroes
and Carmen de Puig Mateu, Pharmaceutical Technical Director

Who are we?

Laboratorios Averroes was founded on July 14th, 1988 by Dr. Juan Ramón Pina Membrado and Carmen de Puig Mateu (Pharmaceutical Technical Director). It is loyal to the tenets of medieval Arab philosophy: that of uniting the medical and pharmaceutical professions into one.

The activities of the laboratory in the health sector, in addition to having its own R&D, are as follows:

  • Thermal clinics and medical consultation
  • Internal Medicine
  • Family and community medicine
  • Hydrothermal medicine

Exclusive treatment in the fields of rheumatology, dermatology, pulmonology, otorhinolaryngology, hepatology and anti-free radicals.

Science and tradition

We are proud to be formulators, that is, creators of magisterial formulas. Said formulas have been proven effective since our foundation in 1988 to the present day. All our products are made manually, following traditional pharmacy guidelines in the HAGER TREATY OF PRACTICAL PHARMACY. This means we have to manufacture in small batches and under conditions of extreme hygiene, since we do not use any type of additives, even if they are permitted.

Quality Control

Our strict quality control allows us to standardise, through the use of infrared spectrophotometry techniques, the microbial load and nascent sulphur content of our bacterial cultures. These protocols have been devised and are implemented by our R&D Department in order to produce safe and stable products. The remaining parameters are controlled in accordance with the regulations of the most demanding pharmacopoeias: European, British, American and Spanish.