Extemporaneous sulphide fango


For: Processes of rheumatic origin. Post-traumatic sequelae. Physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Ankylosis. Tendinitis. Bursitis. Bruises. Sprains. Reabsorption of haematomas. Antiphlogistic. Rheumatology and Physiotherapy: 2 parts fango / 1 part sulphurous water. Dermatology and Wellness: 1 part fango / 1 part sulphurous water.

Composition: Baregines. Clay. Sulphurous water from the Averroes spring.

Presentation: 500 ml PP jar, sealed lid, 400 g content. of dried fango. Green PP bottle 500 ml., With seal and guarantee. Content 500 ml. of Averroes Sulphurous Water.

Preparation of the fango and directions for use:
Heat the sulphurous water and gradually add it to the dried fango (never all at once), kneading the mixture slowly until all the lumps have disappeared and the paste is homogeneous. Place a poultice of 1 to 2 cm. thick on the affected area at a temperature of 45ºC for 30 minutes. Use only stainless steel, glass or porcelain mortars. External use only. Apply directly to the skin. Does not contain preservatives, colourants, perfumes or parabens. The preparation is free of clostridium spores. The proportions and temperature used may be modified in accordance with medical criteria.