Sulfuretum. Nasal Spray with Sulphurous water


Indications:                                                                                                                                                                  Cleansing and humidification of the nasal passages in children and adults, also for sports and top competitions.

Isotonic Sulphurous water from the Averroes spring

50 ml spray in a glass bottle. Micro-nebulizer pump without propellant gas. Dosage 130 mcl. per pulsation. Nasal applicator and protective cap. Preserves the ozone layer.

Allergic rhinitis. Sinusitis. Polyposis. Nasal wash. Ocena. Nasal congestion. Scab removal. Over-exertion in sport. Jogging. Cycling. Mountaineering. Aerobics. Chronic treatment of Nasal Respiratory Failure: open mouth, nasal aspirations, snoring, dry throat, hyposmia, rhinolalia, inflammation of the middle ear, repetitive laryngitis, poor school performance.

Contraindications: None described. Topical route. Does not provoke tolerance or a rebound effect.