Science and tradition

All our products are made manually, according to the guidelines in pharmacopoeias. This obliges us to manufacture in small batches, and to go to extremes with regard to hygiene, as we do not use any additives whatsoever, even if they are permitted.

We use only natural raw materials, not synthetic ones, in our formulations. These materials, such as sulphurous water and the microbes that we culture at the source of the Spring, are very labile (we are pioneers in this field in Europe).

Our Quality Control laboratory is equipped with the most advanced technologies, to guarantee the standardisation of bacterial inocula and the stability of the products: microscopy, chromatography, absorption spectroscopy...…

We have also incorporated fats and cerates in the style of remedies used for skin ailments, since ancient times, by the Eskimo people. These have been the result of years of work and the occasional failure, since there is no written tradition in this regard. This is why our products do not cause side effects and are especially suitable for the treatment of chronic ailments or patients at risk such as the elderly, children, pregnant women, and hypersensitive individuals.

Laboratorios Averroes. Agua Sulfurada
Dr. Juan Ramón Pina
Medical Director

Carmen De Puig, Directora Técnica Farmacéutica Laboratorios Averroes
Carmen De Puig
Pharmaceutical Technical Director

Bianca Vintu
Director of Production