Enema (Proctoclysis)

Irrigation solution:

Isotonic sulphurous mineral-medicinal water from the Averroes Spring.

Characteristics: Sodium sulphurous water, bicarbonate, rich in silicates, paucimineralized.

Presentation: 500 ml PP bottle. Topaz colour with sealing cap.



Proctoclysis will preferably be carried out after physiological evacuation, in order to facilitate contact between the sulphurous water and the intestinal mucosa, where the dissolved minerals are absorbed.

Place the patient in a supine position with the legs bent at the knees.

Slowly introduce 250 ml (half the contents of the bottle) of sulphurous water into the rectum. The water temperature should be between 37–40 ºC. Use a 400 ml (approx.) rectal bulb syringe with rigid cannula.

Keep the solution in contact with the intestinal mucosa for 20-30 minutes, the patient remaining supine with the legs bent at the knees. After the procedure, the intestinal contents may be evacuated if the patient feels the need to eliminate the excess liquid.



250 ml. Isotonic Sulphurous Water every 24 hours, for 12 days consecutively.
Total quantity to be ingested: 3 litres of Isotonic Sulphurous Water (6 Bottles 500 ml).