Pleural effusion – medical history

Resolution of pleural effusion after atmospheric treatment with Averroes Sulphurous Water.

The patient, 79 years of age, female, came to our centre presenting a 24-hour evolution of hyperemesis, treated with oral pro-kinetics by her family doctor. On examination, a hard lump was palpated in the left iliac fossa (FII), with a non-fluctuating stone consistency, and a low-grade fever of 37.9 ºC. Diagnosed with a Strangulated Crural Hernia, we sent her to a private hospital for emergency intervention, confirming the diagnosis. She was discharged 48 hours after the intervention. Once home, she suffered intestinal sub-occlusion due to a paralytic ileus, fever of 38.5 ºC, cough, significant dyspnea and pain in the right side with pleuritic characteristics. Given the suspicion of sub-phrenic abscess and subsidiary pleural effusion, we requested a thoracic-abdominal CT scan. Sub-phrenic abscess, pleural effusion, and laminar basal atelectasis were confirmed in both lung fields. The patient presented with severe emaciation and wasting. We established the following treatment at home:

First fifteen days: 1 inhalation of SULPHUROUS WATER vapour every 12 hours. Duration: 20 minutes.

Following month and a half: 1 inhalation of ISOTONIC SULPHUROUS WATER vapour every 12 hours. Duration: 20 minutes.

The clinical picture improved dramatically: pleural effusion was fully resolved without sequelae (this last data was observed with our spirometer and by means of posteroanterior and lateral chest X-ray).